My paintings are meant to trigger daydreams. They are a response to quiet moments spent in nature's grasp. Recalling a familiar feeling of place they, at the same time, show the viewer a more intimate, exaggerated perspective. I call it a bug's eye view. Through my work I try to evoke a refreshing response to the commonplace.
     To best evolve creatively I immerse myself in a particular subject. Becoming at one with the total environment, I engage all my senses, rejoicing in the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings of a given place.
     As a result, my watercolors, and now egg temperas, have traveled through a variety of subject themes: from flowers, to birch, to the Alaskan tundra, from the ocean's edge, upstream to the Arizona desert. Whether it be pond lilies, rocks, or cactus I take a subject and crawl inside, exploring all aspects of pattern and shape.
More to come soon
 Commissions/ Archives ( Click on any image to enlarge)
These pieces are either sold or commissioned pieces. I have Included them  for your enjoyment and as reference for future commissions .
edensjan2018013014.jpg edensjan2018013013.jpg edensjan2018013012.jpg edensjan2018013011.jpg edensjan2018013010.jpg
Tree Peony # 2
Ocean Series: Morning Solitude
Summer's Ending Triumph
East Street Vista,Morning Shadows
Holcomb Farm Fields, Early Spring
Poppies Popping # 13
Pebbled Shoreline
edensjan2018013009.jpg edensjan2018013008.jpg
Morning Fog
edensjan2018013007.jpg edensjan2018013006.jpg
Water's Edge Winter # 26
Treasured Cove
Glowing Orbs
Early Spring, Brookside
Laura J. Eden
Realism infused with energy.