From the very first time that I saw one of Laura Eden's egg tempera paintings I was captivated.  The clarity of detail and the warmth of the color captured the essential beauty of the natural landscapes which Laura loves to paint.  Right away I knew that I wanted to own some of Laura's artwork so we now do have a couple of Glicee prints and two original egg tempera paintings.
On November 8, 2009 during a late season bike ride I was heading north on Notch Road in Granby and came upon a field of unharvested pumpkins that were positively glowing in the late afternoon sunshine.  It looked like there were thousands of bright orange orbs stretching towards the horizon.  As I made my way home I couldn't stop thinking about the beauty I had witnessed as I rode past that field.  Wanting to share this experience with my family I called Laura and asked if she might have time to paint this scene for me before the farmer decided to prepare his field for winter  She agreed to take on this project and the result is absolutely breathtaking.  My family and I couldn't be happier with Laura's work and the beauty that it brings into our daily living.   
            Walter Ford, Granby CT
As a master teacher, Laura Eden meets all students at their individual level. Whether you are a beginner or advanced painter, whether you need each step demonstrated or a critique of a recent body of mature work, Laura has the empathy, instinct and skill to help bring you to your next level of achievement. I have taken both group and private lessons from Laura over many years. In addition, I have attended numerous painting demonstrations at art workshops and gallery openings. Laura is engaging, an effective communicator, and a patient listener. She is well organized and prepared; more over, she is fun and encouraging as a teacher. Laura is that rare painter who is also an outstanding teacher. Or is she an outstanding teacher who is also a gifted artist? Many of her students have gone on to become successful painters in their own right. And nobody cheers them on better than Laura Eden.

              Lennie Mullany, Portsmouth New Hampshire
"Glowing Orbs"
The Paintings of
Laura J. Eden
Realism infused with energy.